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Dachshund Toilet Paper/Paper Towel Holder

We all have that one person in our lives that are just into the nicer things in life. Not only will they outfit themselves in the best quality clothes and look dapper while doing it, but they also embellish their house with functional but beautiful and timeless items that really speak to their personality.

And if that is not enough, this particular soul is also the proud owner of a Dachshund who probably sleeps in a king-sized bed and lives a better life than we do, being given the best things life has to offer.

Since this specific loved one has access to finer things, it may be hard for us to come up with a gift that they will like, although we are sure that they will love whatever we give them.

But since they are celebrating a special occasion soon, you may have been giving it a lot of thought and want to give them something remarkable.

Good thing you are reading this, because we have just the item for you. Presenting the Dachshund paper towel holder by What on Earth, a sophisticated toilet paper receptacle with a copper finish.

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Detailed information about Dachshund Toilet Paper/Paper Towel Holder

This 16-inch paper towel holder featuring your recipient’s favorite breed has a sturdy, heavy base made of resin that will keep it upright and in place even when your pooch runs past it and bumps it. No need to worry about it breaking or falling over!

It is also extremely easy to load it up with a towel or two – just simply pop the Dachsund head topper off of the holder, slide your rolls in and set the topper back in place.


Sturdy and sophisticated looking

Can fit up to two bathroom tissue rolls


A bit pricey but worth it