CigarzUp Beer Cigar Holder

Beer lovers cherish their beer taking moments and love to do it the most relaxed manner. Their idea of fun is sitting on the porch on Saturday afternoons with several bottles of beer and premium cigars. They can talk for hours on end as they drink their favorite bottle of beer and smoke cigars in the most refreshing environment.

On that note, if you have a beer lover on your gift list, nothing would please them more than a present that works to make these beer moments better. Since you not about to give them yet another bottle of beer, why not purchase this beer cigar holder from CigarzUp as a gift for them? This will, without a doubt, be the best thing you have ever gifted a beer lover and cigar enthusiast.

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Detailed information about CigarzUp Beer Cigar Holder

The beer holder is not only a fun gift, but it will also come in handy when one is having a refreshing bottle of beer.

The CigarzUp holder is an excellent and fun way to keep your favorite cigar off the table edge when having a beer or in case you don't have an ashtray.

The beer cigar holder would also come in handy when one is taking a beer and having a cigar while relaxing on a poolside, or at the beach.

The item would also be convenient at the golf course or when one is enjoying a cold refreshing one at an outdoor café. The cigar holder is the simplest way to enjoy your beer and keep your cigar in place and up while enjoying a cold one outdoors.


The beer cigar holder is designed with a cradle that clips tightly onto any bottle and cans

Keeps off spills and conveniently holds the cigar up

Easy to hold in place when having a drink