Zippo Eagle Lighter

This ZIPPO lighter is the most popular and reusable metal light across the US. It can serve as a perfect kind of gift for any smoker. They come in more than a thousand variety of styles including military-style which is in a really high-demand. Out of all the ZIPPO varieties today we suggest buyers take a look at the ‘Eagle Lighter’. The Eagle Lighter has a nice and slick shape and has a design that definitely makes this lighter stand out in the midst of many other lighters. This lighter is also windproof and with a distinctive ZIPPO click on its metal constructed body. It is a durable item and a high-quality product which will last anyone a really long time.

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Detailed information about Zippo Eagle Lighter

To make the gift even more special the buyer can go an extra mile by ordering a customized fit with a chosen image, design or logo. Keep in mind the lighter comes unfilled for safety reasons and the giftee can fill it up at any given moment. It is recommended that people use the genuine ZIPPO premium lighter fluid as well as the flints and wicks. Other lighter fluids can also be bought at the local store for about $5.