CHICCAT Cotton Linen Throw Pillow Case – Dwight, You Ignorant S…”

Nearly everyone loves throw pillows as they make a room feel cozy and homelier. It is no wonder that these small items make a great gift item to just about anyone because everybody needs a pillow in their comfortable space, and you can never have more than enough pillows.

It gets better if the pillows feature interesting prints that help the owner express their personality, style, and interests. Have you got someone in mind who loves to fill their rooms with fun and creative pillows?

If this person happens to be a fan of The Office, then you might have just found the perfect gift to give them!

The CHICCAT pillow case will, without a doubt, appeal to the fans of the TV show, The Office. If you were to chose one moment out from all the scenes, this would make so far the most quirky gift of all!

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Detailed information about CHICCAT Cotton Linen Throw Pillow Case – Dwight, You Ignorant S…”

This pillow will not only make the recipient revisit this hilarious episode of all time, but it will always strike a conversation from the guests.

It will accentuate the space and gives it an instant makeover. The fabric used adds a rustic element to the cover and will be a plus to the existing décor.

The cover has an invisible zipper which hides unsightly seams, and also makes it pretty easy to remove the cushion insert.



Made of durable cotton linen material

Features a famous line from "The Office"

The item is a great addition to the room’s decor