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Lillian Vernon Personalized Pumpkin Halloween Treat Bag

Every little trick or treater deserves a personalized pumpkin treat bag of their very own so they can gather their sweet treats in style this Halloween.

The little pumpkin treat bag is a “must-have” accessory and Halloween gift for every little goblin out there!

This easy to carry and large-sized tote will make the perfect carrier for the ghosts and ghouls, princesses and unicorns wandering the streets in search of goodies on October 31st.

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Detailed information about Lillian Vernon Personalized Pumpkin Halloween Treat Bag

The diameter of the bag measures 10.5 inches at its widest point and is 10.5 inches in height, and is able to hold a treasure trove of sweets painstakingly collected on Halloween night.

The tote is stuffed with puffy and soft polyester and the details of the pumpkins face are appliqued as well as embroidered on, so they will stand up quite nicely to the rigors of being the tote of choice for little monsters everywhere.

The colors on the face of this bag are bright and bold and the design is three-dimensional, adding a realistic twist to this comic character.

The handle, like the body of this bag, is stuffed with fluffy polyester fill, making the grip far more comfortable to carry than the usual plastic handles so little hands won’t tire quite so quickly.


Large enough to hold a whole lot of sweet treasure

Personalized with easy to see durable black ink

Soft handle for an easy and comfortable grip