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Lego Trick or Treat Halloween Seasonal Set

This Halloween every little witch and goblin would love to be building their very own Haunted House Trick or Treat scene from nonother than Lego.

Lego, indisputably the best building system to ever hit toy stores, has come up with this frighteningly fun Halloween scene complete with a skeleton answer to the door for the lucky trick or treaters!

Perfect Halloween gift idea for this year’s scariest night!

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Detailed information about Lego Trick or Treat Halloween Seasonal Set

This set includes everything that is needed to form a Halloween diorama that includes a creepy house with a scary skeleton opening the door and looking down on the unsuspecting trick or treater dressed as a wicked witch.

She is holding a basket for collecting the goodies and comes with a pointy hat and a broom.

The skeleton’s house is ominously hulking over the visitor, and it is seasonally decorated with pumpkins and the like. There is also a dead tree for just an added bit of horror and eerie ambiance.

Some of the other bits of macabre decor include a spider, a tombstone, withering plants that have clearly seen better days, more pumpkins, and a spooky bat!

This interactive Halloween set allows the little ones to role-play their favorite night of the year over and over again. The child dressed as a witch walks past the bat hanging from the dead tree.


Appropriate for ages seven and older

Over 130 pieces that go together to form a fun and creepy Halloween scene

Lego exclusive and only available at Lego stores or online