Oct17 Plaid Scarfs for Women

In Spring or Fall, the weather can be bright and sunny one minute and chilled the next and she will need to carry something that can serve as a shawl or a scarf.

In Winter the weather is usually cold when exposed and even when she wears a heavy coat there is still a need for a scarf to wrap around the head and neck. These plaid scarfs for Women by Oct17 are a beautiful tartan plaid blanket, small enough to be a scarf yet big enough to be a shawl or wrap.

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Detailed information about Oct17 Plaid Scarfs for Women

Each shawl has a fringe around the edge, is soft and comfortable, durable and lightweight and is made from a soft cashmere type fabric. And you know how soft and warm cashmere is, don’t you?

The shawl measures about 54” x 54” (138cm x 138cm) and is of a size that is suitable for many different uses. It can even be used as a small blanket to be kept in the car or folded neatly on the foot of the bed or over the back of her favorite armchair as a snuggle blanket while watching television.


The shawl measures about 54” x 54” (138cm x 138cm)

Suitable for many different uses