Women’s Casual Unbalanced Crew Neck Jumper

Christmas is a time of giving, and a lot of people give things like sweaters as a gift. Often the idea of a Christmas sweater conjures up visions of colorful knitted versions of Jolly Santa or reindeers and these may be worn for a day or two but usually end up in the back of the wardrobe or in the charity thrift shop. This Christmas gift sweater is something different from all the rest. It can easily be worn all the year with no embarrassment at all. In fact it is a gift that you can buy your loved one at any time of the year, on any occasion or no occasion at all.

This sweater from Alinfu is stylish and modern and the only thing Christmassy about it is that it will keep her warm in the cold winter holiday season. Apart from that it is not in the least Christmassy. It is baggy, warm and will keep her toasty during the cool and cold months of autumn, winter and spring.

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Detailed information about Women’s Casual Unbalanced Crew Neck Jumper

Just imagine you and your partner taking the dog for a walk on a cold day in winter. She can wear her new baggy sweater with matching scarf and beany hat and you can both go trudging through the woods or over the fields and be as warm as toast. The casual and baggy look isn’t just for farmers and lovers of the outdoors however, it can be worn by anyone for any casual occasion and in fact there are more and more celebrities advocating the baggy look all the time.

If she usually takes an extra small to medium size then this sweater will appear baggy; if she usually takes a large size then this will fit as a regular. It is perfect for the woman who loves to wear soft and baggy sweaters, maybe with a pair of jeans and some knee boots? Whatever she decides to wear will look casual and stylish.


These baggy sweaters come in three stylish colors and ‘one-size-fits-all’ measurement

The sweaters are soft, warm and stretchy, just right for the modern casual look

These will match with lots of other casual accessories and garments

Perfect gift for Christmas and any other day of the year