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CafePress – Retired Chick – Natural Canvas Tote Bag

It is such a bittersweet feeling that after decades of hard work, a person is finally ready to retire. The future seems to be smooth sailing, with a lot of possibilities as to what one is to do next, but one thing is for sure, the retiree does not need to get up early in the morning anymore to get ready to go to work. Instead, they can do whatever their heart desires. Whether it is watching their grandchildren grow, plant flowers and grow trees in their garden or travel the world, we are sure that they will have a blast.

So to celebrate this wonderful milestone in their life, we think you should give them something simple yet thoughtful and functional. Enter the “Retired Chick” Natural Canvas Tote from CafePress.

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Detailed information about CafePress – Retired Chick – Natural Canvas Tote Bag

This cute, witty and funny shopping bag measures 15 inches by 18 inches and has a depth of 6 inches, making it a great tote bag to bring to the farmer’s market or for some shopping around town.

Its 22 inch fabric handles also make it comfortable enough to lug around while carrying groceries, books, shoes or anything you would want to put in it.

The bag is also a great bag to use at the beach as it is spacious enough to carry a regular sized towel, sunscreen and your essentials among other things.


Durable, high-quality fabric tote bag with crisp, high-quality printing of the design

Can be machine washed

Perfect for women retirees

Has a funny illustration and phrase that will make your recipient love this tote bag at first sight

Very affordable