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Love Memory DIY Photo Album

Choosing the perfect gift for a loved one or a dear friend to celebrate a special occasion can be challenging. However, you will never go wrong with a personalized gift that is specially made for the receiver. And since we all want the absolute best for the special people in our lives, it would be best to get them a gift that will warm their heats and put a beautiful smile on their face. A perfect example of a personalized gift is a photo gift.

A photo gift speaks personally to the receiver. It’s heartwarming; it’s unique and special. How about getting creative with this Kicpot Creative Explosion Gift Box which allows you to create a fancy photo album through DIY. This box is an excellent photo gift for a loved one or special friend. It’s adorably cute and a fun gift to give to someone you adore like a boyfriend, a girlfriend, husband, wife, or a family member.


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Detailed information about Love Memory DIY Photo Album

The DIY explosion box opens to approximately 14"x14" spread, and when folded it measures about 4.7”x4.7” x4.7”. It's skillfully handmade into a beautiful and creative box that offers the receiver countless options to create and preserve memorable moments in their lives. The surprise box comes with a small gift box inside which can fit a watch, a ring, a necklace, a keychain or any other beautiful accessory that can be used to surprise a loved one.

The receiver will not only find an explosive box inside, but they will also find 8 agencies cards, a ribbon, a theme sticker, a double side glue, a small sticker, a dry flower, and built-in beautiful small box.


The explosion box opens to reveal beautiful multilayer cards

It comes with many accessories including a small gift box inside

It's designed with 20 different parts for recording and writing down happy memories

It has enough space for photos, notes, and creative customization