Breville Juice Fountain Cold

Healthy meals not only entail picking the right ingredients for maximum benefits, it goes more to the preparation methods. The aim is to have foods in their most natural form to reap the health benefits. One way to do this is by juicing in order to enjoy fruits and vegetables with all the nutrients intact.

For this reason, why not carry friends and family along the journey of adopting a healthy lifestyle? Getting them the Breville Juicer is the first step and it will enable them to enjoy a blend of their favorite fruits and vegetables. It is a highly functional piece and would be a lovely gift for an upcoming occasion.

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Detailed information about Breville Juice Fountain Cold

How different is this juicer? First things first, the juicer has three different control styles including slow, fast and off. That means the speed is adjustable to as low as 6500rpm and as high as 13000rpm. Even on high speed, the juicer is considerably quiet compared to most others. It is easy to maneuver to get the ideal consistency of juice.

The size is the other things that make it ideal as a family gift. The juicer comes with massive size jugs with the collection jug taking approximately 70 ounces of fluid. The pulp container has a capacity of 3.4 liters which is significantly large for a massive batch of fruits. More to this, the feed chute is 3.6 inches wide which is large enough to accommodate large chunks of fruits for easier prep time.