Bravado The Rolling Stones Mick June 1975 T-Shirt – Beige

This amazing shirt is one that commemorates a specific 1975 performance in New York City by one of the most famous bands of all time. The Rolling Stones is a common household name these days as there is almost nobody that does not know about this world-famous age-old rock band. The Rolling Stones formed in England back in 1962. Since then, they have toured most of the entire world and won countless awards and recognition. Impressively, well over 50 years later, they are still performing and touring today.

There have been a few changes to their members along the way, but the ever-famous Mick Jagger still leads the bunch with no current plans of retirement. An image of Mick Jagger is a focus point of this super cool band t-shirt. The shirt has a simple, vintage style. Mick Jagger is pictured on the shirt singing in front of the New York City skyline.

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Detailed information about Bravado The Rolling Stones Mick June 1975 T-Shirt – Beige

Right below the incredible image of Jagger and the skyline, in a large cursive font, is the band’s title, “The Rolling Stones”. Then, in much smaller and plainer font, at the very bottom of the design, the shirt reads, “new york city – june 1975” commemorating the band’s performance there during their 1975 Tour of the Americas. This particular t-shirt is medium in size and comes in a nice crème color. The images as well as the text that is printed onto the shirt is put on the shirt using screen-printing to ensure the highest quality.