BOUQUET BAR – Hope: Succulent Plant/Honey Pearls/Organic Teas

Forget about the usual flowers and roses this year and impress a special someone with this Bouquet Bar gift set. This is an excellent gift collection that comes with a selection of different tastes that will tingle your senses. A little joy that will elevate breakfast or midday favorite beverage and make it memorable, enjoyable and absolutely satisfying.

There is nothing quite better for a tea lover than being able to achieve a perfect cup of tea every day and sipping the sweetness in a perfectly relaxing environment. We can assure you that with this set filled with succulent plant, honey pearls, and organic teas, the recipient will greatly indulge their senses anytime, in a soothing environment filled with greatness.

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Detailed information about BOUQUET BAR – Hope: Succulent Plant/Honey Pearls/Organic Teas

The Bouquet Box Bar measures approximately 12”x 4”x 3”. Well packaged and presented, everything in this box is carefully handpicked and selected to brighten up someone’s day and help them relax as they enjoy their cup of tea.

The honey pearls, on the other hand, add a touch of sweetness in the most natural ways possible. These morsels of powdered honey are not only amazingly delicious but also make it easy to sweeten a cup of tea and consume it guilt-free because of its free of processed, unhealthy sweeteners.

The honey is 100% natural and comes well-packaged in powdered pears which are easy and convenient drop into a cup of tea.


The pack comes well presented in a beautiful package

It contains a collection of healthy organic teas, natural honey pearls, and succulent plant