16-Piece Billiards Themed Shot Glass Bar Set

We all have that one friend that is always the highlight of all of our fun nights. The one who will take a million shots and will still be standing when the rest of you have passed out.

Most of the times you will have unforgettable moments or rather forgettable ones when you all happen to blacked out. Nevertheless, the fun and the good times in all your gatherings are some of the things that keep the friendship going.

Thus, it goes without saying that this particular friend always has alcohol ready in their house for all your get-togethers and nights in at their home. So, what would be a fitting gift to celebrate a special occasion in their life than this set of 16 –piece billiard balls themed shot glasses by Wild Eye?

Sure, they might have lots of shot glasses in their collection, but there is always need to upgrade and get better ones and also replace the ones broken during the times when the nights get wild, right?

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Detailed information about 16-Piece Billiards Themed Shot Glass Bar Set

With this set, the recipient will now be in a better place to entertain during the next gathering, and they will have enough shot glasses cued up with drinks to commemorate all the special memories you will have together.

All the shot glasses included have a capacity of 2.5 oz. And the most impressive thing about this set is the fact the glasses are dishwasher safe.



Amazingly creative billiards themed shot glasses

Comes in a plastic tray for storage