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Big Sis & Lil Sis Valentines Heart Necklace Set

It is no secret that the bond siblings have is incredibly strong. Through shared experiences, growing up together and cruising through life’s up and downs, it is safe to say that you and your siblings are bonded for life. This is especially true with sisters – aside from sharing these experiences, you also share clothes, makeup, stories and the love of boy bands.

You can talk to your sister about things you can not necessarily talk about with your parents or brothers. You share the same sentiments about experiencing your first “monthly visitor”. You can talk about the people you date and anything else under the sun. So in celebration of your first best friend, why not give her this thoughtful ‘Big Sis and Lil Sis’ necklace set for 2?

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Detailed information about Big Sis & Lil Sis Valentines Heart Necklace Set

This fashionable and heartwarming accessory is the ideal gift to commemorate the special bond you have with your sister. The aptly shaped heart pendant contains “Big Sis” in one pendant and “Lil Sis” on the other, so you can have matching necklaces. You can also get these stunning crystal-embellished necklaces made of silver in different colors – Clear (which is just silver), Light Purple, Dark Pink, Rose Gold, and Turquoise – choose the best one that will fit both of your personalities!

This set is the ultimate gift for your sister, twin or sister from another mother (which is your best friend) on Christmas, their birthday, Valentines or their graduation.


Design is stylish and creative, unlike any other friendship necklaces

Affordable so even teens can buy it for their best friends or sisters