Betsey Johnson Pineapple Crossbody Bag

Betsey Johnson is a famous fashion designer. She creates lots of unique and fun designs and is best known for her whimsy and femininity. Her designs reflect her personality wonderfully and her playful creations are well-loved and well-made. She is very popular for her many different fun bag designs and this little Pineapple Crossbody bag is the perfect example of that! This small bag is adorable, playful, and useful! Its compact size is great for a minimalistic approach to life and makes it super easy and light to carry around with you. It measures in at 7 inches tall and 6 inches wide. It is a great size for a compact purse and is the perfect place to store your phone, wallet, keys, and whatever other little things you need to bring along with you.

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Detailed information about Betsey Johnson Pineapple Crossbody Bag

The entire bag is designed to look just like a pineapple. It is a fun, bright yellow color and the fact that is made using straw gives it a really cool textured look that increases the pineapple appearance. At the top of the bag, where the two sides of the pineapple come together, bright green leaves in varying shades protrude straight up in a playful and eye-catching way.

This is also where a small piece of material that is secured onto the back of the bag overlaps and locks into place on the front of the bag with a heart-shaped turn-lock closure that secures the two sides together. The bag opens widely to allow for space inside to be best utilized. It has a polyester lining in adorable pink rose print.