“Beauty” by Lauren Conrad Book

“Beauty” is a book by Lauren Conrad that will help anyone who is looking to get back to skincare basics. It focuses on enhancing the natural beauty and making the most of one’s skin and face. This book provides people with tips on skincare, personal care, hair styling and makeup. Lauren Conrad is a #1 in New York Times bestselling author. She is known for her easy-to-understand writing style and ability to include her professional knowledge and experience to life with her own words. “Beauty” would make an excellent gift for teenagers as well as for older people.

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Detailed information about “Beauty” by Lauren Conrad Book

This book is split into two comprehensive sections. The first one covers how to take care of the body from the inside. This will teach people how to stay and feel healthy. It also comes with tips on reducing stress, exercising and improving the diet. It also includes skincare routines that will benefit any type of specific skin. Lauren gives complete information on how to make the face and the body look the best but naturally.  This is, the best way to create a foundation that will enhance any makeup or hairstyle later.