OZNaturals Natural Facial Toner: No Parabens

Are you constantly looking for a face toner that actually works and would also make a perfect gift? Have you tried a bunch of brands and just never been truly satisfied? Well, look no further. OZNaturals has created the perfect facial toner that works with all skin types.

One of the reasons this toner is so good is because it is created using a cold process. This means the active ingredients have a higher potency since they aren’t destroyed by heat. It is also hypoallergenic and therefore it’s less irritating on sensitive skin.

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Detailed information about OZNaturals Natural Facial Toner: No Parabens

Normal face toners are created through heat and chemical emulsion which destroys the active ingredients that are meant to help your skin. They also contain many toxic chemicals such as, sodium benzoate, parabens, and sulfates which are actually harmful for your body. OZNaturals Facial Toner has none of these toxic chemicals. The active ingredients include things like amino acids, ocean minerals and vitamin C, which work together to tighten and smooth pores.