Highland Graphics Beach Sign “The Ocean is Where I Belong”

This adorable wooden sign would make the sweetest gift to any mermaid- or ocean-lover that you may know. The sweet little sign is made using reclaimed wood from old pallets for a very cool design that also has the benefit of being recycled. It is lightweight at only 9 ounces but retains a very sturdy and high-quality feel and look to it. The sign measures 12 inches by 6 inches and includes a metal wall hanger that also happens to be able to swing downward to be easily and conveniently used as an easel in case you prefer to put it on a table, counter, or desk opposed to hanging it up on the wall.

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Detailed information about Highland Graphics Beach Sign “The Ocean is Where I Belong”

The wooden sign is mainly a pretty teal-blue color with white accents and edges. The entire sign has a nice distressed/weathered look to it for a somewhat rustic appearance that really adds to its style. It features a silhouette of a mermaid swimming along surrounded by fish with her hair beautifully flowing through the water. Above her, the sign artfully reads, “The ocean is where I belong”. This makes such a beautiful decoration for virtually any space. It can be a really cool piece in a beach- or mermaid-themed bedroom or bathroom or it can make a nice accent in an office space or living area as well.