Bando Design Rough Draft Mini Notebook

Bando is a brand that creates feminine products of all kinds from floral water bottles to duffle bags with silly quotes and much more. These are products made especially for woman and girls that are very cute and fun. This adorable mini notebook comes from this brand and is just as great as there many other products. It is called a Rough Draft Mini Notebook and it measures 7 inches wide and 9 inches long. It has 160 pages in it that are all lined and perforated to make writing and even removing pages a breeze. The rough draft mini notebook is a spiral notebook bound with metallic gold wire that really adds to the look of the notebook.

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Detailed information about Bando Design Rough Draft Mini Notebook

The edges of this notebook are rounded which not only looks very cute and goes with the overall style of this mini notebook, but it also prevents being annoyingly poked with the corners. The notebook even has an extra cool feature of a small pocket inside of it, which is a great place to keep little notes, stickers, or anything else that the recipient of the notebook may want to bring along with them.