Art Glass Tree of Life Tzedakah Box

Glass art is a blossoming craft among those who are interested in this type of arts and crafts.

The artist needs special materials, tools, and a furnace to properly melt the colored glass into an original piece that people will enjoy and often pay many hundreds of dollars to own.

Tamara Baskin was one of these artists, but she also had links to Judaic art and was one of the foremost Judaic artists in the world, that is why her studio produces this wonderful Tzedakah Box with the iconic Tree of Life skillfully and artistically portrayed on its side.

The Tzedakah Box is a traditional Judaic piece associated with justice and charity, both of which are regarded as compulsory among practitioners of the Jewish faith in order to live a spiritual life.

This lovely work of art has a clear glass lid ornamented with raised metal Tzedakah letters and beautifully iridescent marble.

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Detailed information about Art Glass Tree of Life Tzedakah Box

The box measures 5” tall x 3” deep and is hand made in the USA by Tamara Baskin Art Glass, situated in Arlington Massachusetts.

Sadly Tamara Baskin died in 2007 but her work is carried on by her studio and is based on her original designs.

The studio is so proud of its work and so sure of the quality that they offer a full 100% guarantee that if there are any issues whatsoever with one of their products they will replace, exchange or refund, no questions asked and it is guaranteed for life.


This is an original piece of glass art made by the Tamara Baskin Art Glass Studios

It is a beautiful hand made Tzedakah Box

Made from glass, metal, and marble

Hand made in the USA