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Haikus for Jews: For You, a Little Wisdom 

Poems have always been a meaningful way of expression. The deep and symbolic, and most poets use poems to explore topics that are hard to talk about.

It’s a powerful tool of self-expression and communication.

But writing a poem doesn’t have to be complicated, boring, or even pretensions like the kind that only follows a matching rhythm.

Not when you can use Haiku, Japanese poetry that doesn’t need you to rhyme anything and the poems are not traditional when it comes to content.

Instead, this style of poetry consists of three short lines, and each includes a set of syllables. It is quite a liberating way of expression, and the poems paint a symbolic picture for the reader.

For a long time, Japanese Haiku has been a preferred style of doing poems and perhaps the world’s most astounding poetic forms. In those three lines, a poet can capture natures sublime beauty like the passage of time, seasons, and so on.

It’s no wonder that most people love Haiku and the simplicity that comes with this style of writing.

It’s for this reason that David M. Bader came up with this collection of haiku poems titled ‘Haikus For Jews’ that celebrate Jewish culture humorously.

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Detailed information about Haikus for Jews: For You, a Little Wisdom 

This collection of Jewish - Japanese poetry is absolutely amazing and fun to read. It's a great collection for Jews and people who love haikus.

It is brief, and the lines, which have been carefully wrought are designed to give the reader a "haiku moment." A sudden intense realization likely to make the reader exclaim, "Oy" or "Ah!" or "So, that's it?"


A well-written collection incorporating Haiku to bring out Jewish culture and traditions

It's humorous and insightful

Short and brief

Available in Kindle and hardcover formats