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ART & ARTIFACT Sheep Toilet Paper Holder

Have you ever been sitting on the toilet seat, contemplating the world and suddenly realize that the toilet paper roll dispenser is empty and no one has put a new one in its place? If you are lucky then there is a spare one sitting on the top of the toilet cistern. If you aren’t lucky then there will be one over the other side of the room in a cupboard or a drawer. How on earth are you going to reach the toilet paper without standing up? We don’t really want an answer it is just a hypothetical situation that is trying to make a point.

That’s where the Sheep Toilet Paper Holder from Art & Artifact comes into its own.

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Detailed information about ART & ARTIFACT Sheep Toilet Paper Holder

The black powder coated metal sheep can stand on the floor or fit onto the wall using the hangers so thoughtfully included by the manufacturer.

It will easily hold seven paper rolls so there will be no need to run out of toilet paper ever again. The sheep measures 21” wide x 12” high and is the depth of one toilet paper roll, about 5”.


A lovely way to keep toilet paper tidy and within reach when in the bathroom

Freestanding on the floor or hanging on the wall

Holds seven or eight rolls of toilet paper