iPhone X

Over the years a lot of phones have come and gone. This phone, however, keeps charting as number one option to millions of people across the globe.  The company who created it is called Apple and they are best known for the ultra-famous iPhone. Since its creation, the iPhone changed the world forever. iPhone was released for the first time back in 29th of June, 2007 and since then it is just getting improved more and more. It is a total game changer! It was the first phone to feature a full touchscreen smartphone and up until this year, there have been 13 phone models. Just this year they came out with the iPhone X!

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Detailed information about iPhone X

This phone comes with an all edge-to-edge screen. It also features a facial recognition through which the phone can be unlocked. But it does not stop there. The whole screen is completely multi-touch and it features Retina and OLED displays. The Screen itself boasts 5.8 inches! iPhone X is fully water and dust- proof resistant. Another new marvel added as a benefit is the wireless charging! No more cables for iPhone users! It comes in 2 color options: the Space Gray or SIlver. Lastly, it comes with 64 or 256 GB of memory capacity.