Alice in Wonderland Triple Stack Quotes Ceramic Cup

Disney cartoon fans will probably remember during the feature-length cartoon ‘Alice in Wonderland’ (1951) that there is a scene where Alice is having tea at a table with the Mad Hatter and all the other animal characters. On the table, there is what looks like a stack of teacups and believe it or not this is what is for sale on this Amazon page.

This mug from Frog Studio Home is an authentic Disney product and looks like there are three teacups stacked up inside one another. The bottom cup, that is the cup that can be seen in its entirety, has an image of the Mad Hatter pouring tea for Alice. There are also many different quotes from the cartoon that you will probably remember.

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Detailed information about Alice in Wonderland Triple Stack Quotes Ceramic Cup

The cup is made from real ceramic, measures 4.5” tall and holds about 12 floz of liquid. This is a fun and whimsical item that will delight anyone, not just Disney fans.

Buy this cup for a friend or for a member of your family who enjoys drinking from unusual vessels.

This is suitable for a son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter, brother or sister, husband, wife or partner, parents or grandparents. All that is required is a willingness to drink from unusual cups and have a love of Disney cartoons.


This cup is a whimsical teacup or coffee mug to remind the user of the Disney cartoon Alice in Wonderland

It holds a full 12 floz

The cup measures about 4.5” high

It is an authentic Disney product, not a cheap knockoff


It is uncertain as to whether the cup is safe to place in a dishwasher or in a microwave