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Minnie Mouse Ears Headband

For a long time, Minnie Mouse fans have desired to have something that keeps them remembers their favorite cartoon. The manufacturers of this headband saw the need, and that’s why they created it.

Minnie Mouse Headband is not only for kids but for adults who can’t help their love for their favorite cartoon character. All in all, it is an explicit fashion that any girl out there would love.

Therefore, this can be an ideal gift to any of the millions of Minnie Mouse lovers out there.

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Detailed information about Minnie Mouse Ears Headband

The ears are not only cute but they also nail the design that resonates with the cartoon. We know what you are thinking, the giant foam ears, the only symbol of Minnie Mouse. Not to forget the iconic white and polka dots bow!

The material of this item is polyester fabric and velvet for a shiny look. This makes it sturdy, comfortable to wear, and strong enough to take you the whole day.


Well wrapped and strong

Simple and cute

They are not floppy; they’ll remain standing up at all times