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Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes

Golfers wear one glove on the leading hand, they wear waterproofs to protect themselves from rain, sweaters to protect from the cold and the wind and golfing shoes to help with posture, traction and keeping the feet dry. A full size 18 hole golf course can take hours to complete and all that time is spent walking and standing, which if the player hasn’t got the correct footwear can be very tiring indeed.

The Adidas Men’s Tech Response shoes are specifically for men because they use the men’s shoe size table (women have another type of golfing shoe which is also available from Adidas).

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Detailed information about Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes

The shoes come in four different colors ranging from Black through White to Grey and have different color stripes depending on the background color.

The shoes themselves are made from a blend of 75% microfiber polyurethane leather and 25% lightweight mesh with a fully synthetic sole. The mesh allows the foot to breathe even after a strenuous 18 hole game, the faux leather provides support and strength while the sole provides cushioning and lightweight comfort. The soles have a six metal spike arrangement for improved traction and stability.

The entire shoe is easy to keep clean and will keep the feet warm and dry even on the wettest December afternoon. The shoes come in standard US male shoe sizes ranging from shoe size 7 right up to shoe size 15. The same golfing shoes also come in standard US women’s shoe sizes too.


Made from strong and lightweight polyurethane microfiber faux leather and mesh with a synthetic sole and spikes

Made in standard US male and female shoe sizes to fit most players

A good all-around product just like anyone would expect from Adidas