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ValeforToy 72 Piece Mini Dinosaur Toy Set

Choosing toys for kids goes beyond getting the usual types they are used to. Whether they are celebrating a birthday or a school event, toys could make part of the little treats for the kids. But, how do you get to choose the right toys that are safe for children?

Think of choosing a dinosaur theme. This set of dinosaur toys can be part of the party supplies for kids as well as little gifts for achievements they make. They are perfect for birthday decorations, classroom parties, etc. the set can be a gift to kids that love dinosaur toys.

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Detailed information about ValeforToy 72 Piece Mini Dinosaur Toy Set

The set comes with 72 pieces of dinosaur toys. Each piece measures approximately 2.5 inches in length. The size makes them perfect for cake decoration and other party decorations for kids. The toys are made of a high-quality, non-toxic material for durability.

The dinosaur pieces come in different forms and colors for variety. The set has approximately seven pieces of each type of dinosaur figures. They are perfect as additional toys for goody bags for kids' parties and events. Also, they can be used for school learning for young kids. This set will certainly make playtime memorable for kids.