Ambassador European Chess Board Game

Are you a chess fanatic or are you one who would like to flex one’s muscles in this classic board game? If so, then you might want to consider investing in Ambassador’s European Chess board game. Taking into account that chess has been around for a long time (in fact, one of the first board games to be invented by humankind), it is a stellar board game that combines strategy, quick thinking, and psychology for a complex, but intelligent game to challenge not only your opponent, but also your brain!

Concerning Ambassador’s European Chess board game, it is special in that it is completely made by hand. Forget about the generic, manufactured chess games: this particular one was hand-crafted by artisans in Poland, and just by looking at it, you can see just how much attention and care was made into the details and carvings of each chess piece. From the pawns to the knights to the king and queen themselves, the details are beyond incredible, to the point that they make for collectible figurines to put on the shelves, rather than to be played with.

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Detailed information about Ambassador European Chess Board Game

Besides the fact that the playing pieces are hand-crafted, so is the chess board itself. Made from beech and birch wood, the chess board is also made by hand and polished for a sharp, elegant surface upon which to play the famous classical game.

Likewise, the bottoms of the chess pieces themselves are supported by hornbeam and sycamore wood—that said, Ambassador certainly takes its chess boards seriously, as it uses nothing but the highest quality of material to make them look ideal and enjoyable to be played. You can certainly guarantee that it is of best quality!