The Drunken Botanist

Have you ever wondered about the history of beer, whiskey, bourbon, tequila, rum, gin, and vodka? Have you ever wondered about Bitters, Tonic, Lovage or Shrub? All these beverages and mixers are made from plants of one kind or another and each has a history that is as fascinating as they are flavorsome.

“The Drunken Botanist” a book written by Amy Stewart is a fascinating work that combines history, botany and alcoholic beverages. Familiar drinks that most people have been drinking for years suddenly become new and alive again when looked at from the viewpoint of the plant and how to grow it.

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Detailed information about The Drunken Botanist

Not all the different types of obscure and extraordinary plants that have been fermented and distilled down the years are actually safe to drink, some are just plain weird and some are as old as the dinosaurs. It may be a strange list but just about all of them contribute unique facets to our culture when converted into alcohol and the customs and traditions that are linked to different beverages. This is like a combination of “Ripley’s Believe it or Not”, a standard recipe book and a horticultural gardening book.

The book contains a fascinating combination of chemistry, biology, botany, etymology, history, mixology, culture and tradition. There are more than fifty recipes for alcoholic beverages and cocktails combined with growing tips for gardeners. The amount of knowledge contained within this book will certainly make the reader a popular guest at any drinks party, cocktail evening or whiskey tasting gathering.


This is an essential book for anyone who enjoys alcoholic trivia together with fascinating and factual information about the history of our fermented and distilled beverages

Available in four different formats depending on the reader’s preference