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3D Crystal Ball LED Night Lights – Advance Laser Engraving

It looks like the Pokémon craze is here to stay. Probably all the children in your family and your friends’ families have been hit by the latest craze from the Far East. Although the Pokémon craze still makes money for the originators and the producers, it is also something that the kids actually want. This product is just such an item, something that uses the latest technology to produce an unusual item that as well as giving pleasure to millions, will in the future produce a collector’s piece that may be a good investment.

The 3D Crystal Ball LED Night Light could not have made a few short years ago because it uses LED and laser technology to produce an illuminated image of one of the Pokémon characters inside a ball of solid glass. The laser engraved character combined with the LED lighting provides soft illumination suitable for a nightlight by a child’s bed.

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He or she can lie in bed, about to drop off into the Land of Nod and gaze upon the cute and lovable characters and really imagine that they have come alive.

The Pokémon Crystal Ball is made from a high-quality K9 crystal using 3D laser engraving technology. The ball measures about 50mm diameter and rests on a specially made stand that houses the batteries, LEDs and switch. The power to run the LEDs comes from three AG13 button cell batteries.

There are sixteen different Pokémon characters on offer, each one using its own colored LEDs to make the individual nightlight notably unique.


This looks like it is an interesting collector’s set, each one suitable as a child’s night light

Each character is laser engraved inside a 50mm diameter glass ball and illuminated by individually colored LEDs

A great gift for any child who is into Pokémon