Candance Laser Beam Bicycle Tail Light

For many people, cycling is either a fun activity or an exercise routine. It goes beyond owning a bike and climbing up to cycle. Like any other vehicle, bikes should be safe regardless of the weather and the time of the day. For this reason, there is a real need to include flashlights while cycling at night.

Lights come in handy when cycling across the street in the dark with other vehicles sharing the road. Backlights mark the bike, so someone behind can keep the necessary distance for safety. This flat taillight can be a lovely gift idea for someone that owns a  bike and loves to cycle any time of the day.

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Detailed information about Candance Laser Beam Bicycle Tail Light

The backlight comes with 5 LED lights and two laser bulbs. Each light works independently depending on the mode set. The backlight can be mounted on 20-36 mm seat post, and the length and position of the beam depend on the mounting angle. The flash modes include:

  • Always bright
  • Flash
  • Slow flash
  • Left to right
  • Right to left
  • Left to right slow flash
  • Back and forth flash

The two laser lights help to remind the person behind to keep distance and should always remain on while cycling. This taillight aims to ensure safety when it falls dark. The lights are water resistant and will work just as fine when it is foggy and rainy. This feature makes them perfect to use during any weather or season.