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Zooawa Sketching and Drawing Handle Art Box

Have kids or a young budding artist in your life? Then you’ve come to the right place.

This 176 pieces art set by Zooawa is a great tool to introduce the young ones to art and the world of digital drawing while still venturing into traditional drawing and painting skills.

Additionally, you will not have to break the bank to make this possible!

This is a full set offering a beautiful array of colored pencils, crayons, oil pastels, markers, eraser, watercolor cakes, paintbrush, sharpener, ruler, paper, sketchpad, and a sponge too!

It contains everything a child needs to imagine and put down their creations to create masterpieces.

Right here you have a tool so magnificent it will give you a rare opportunity to a nurture a little Picasso in your house.

Everything in this kids gift set is designed to help your child create hundreds of pieces which they can proudly display around your home.

It will encourage imagination, creativity, and allow the young one to explore all various types of art mediums.

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Detailed information about Zooawa Sketching and Drawing Handle Art Box

The set comes packed with multiple tools designed to meet various needs. It is a functional and kid-friendly gift.

It features a built-in retractable stand that ensures easier and quicker installation for kids and makes it possible for them to play together.

In addition, it has snap-fit trays which allow kids to place each pencil, crayon, and marker in its place.

Additionally, the refills of the markers, pastels, color pencils, and crayons all feature uniform texture and seamless adhesion to ensure equitable coloring.

What you get with this set are bright and clear pictures to ensure quality work and a happy artist!


Includes 176 Art pieces

Encourages creativity and inspires a love for drawing

It's functional and convenient

Made quality eco-friendly materials

It's portable