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Xylophone for Kids

Did you ever notice how your little human seems so amazed once they hear sounds they have never heard before, particularly certain kinds of tunes?

You may catch him or her staring in bewilderment as you prepare dinner and the tinkling sounds of the utensils keep her entertained. She may also get drawn towards the sounds of the chimes outside your home or bells ringing when you enter an establishment.

If this sounds like your sweet baby, then we think he or she will love this colorful Xylophone by Small Fish.

An instrument known for its sweet and lovely sound that can only be described perfectly as a twinkling tune, the Xylophone is a classic musical instrument that is a great starter for the budding musician in your life.

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Detailed information about Xylophone for Kids

With its vibrant keys reminiscent of a rainbow and a nontoxic mallet that is also in a nice neon green color, your mini-musical artist will definitely enjoy hitting the keys safely and with ease.

And if you want your little one to learn the basics of note reading, the Xylophone also comes with two musical sheets of famous nursery rhymes ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ and ‘Merry Had A Little Lamb’.

All items are presented in a little cardboard gift box with a twill bow wrapping it all together, ready to be given to your lucky youngster.


Materials are non-toxic and are safe for babies to play with

The mallet is made of plastic instead of wood to avoid splinters

The mallet head is also large and is impossible to detach so you do not have to worry about choking hazards

Very affordable