With These Travel Tips You Will Get Through The Airport in A Beat

When traveling, you see a large array of skilled and unskilled travelers and their families. Some of travelers are racing the two hour rule and breaking through the airport doors with only 45 minutes to spare. You see the wieldy parents trying to keep kids from wandering off, yelling explosive things. Then there’s the guy flying solo, work tie in disarray around his neck and hands at his forehead, probably trying to make a dinner back home. Then, there’s the overly anxious teen with her precious merchandise moving ever so carefully in clunky heels down passed security, pup in tow.

You’ve seen it all, and know there is no way you are making it to your gate in time without being prepared for a speedy, efficient travel experience from home base to your travel destination. The airport can be easy and efficient if you’re following the speedy passenger tips below:

Pick Easy Airports


There are plenty of airports that are easier to navigate and faster than others! Look into the airports around you and at your destination, and pick the ones that are known to be quick, easy, and affordable.

Gear Down, Don’t Gear Up

Travel lightly. Use a hiking bag and spool your clothes into wrap-like rolls and pile them on top of one another in the bag to pack more efficiently. Try not to check bags; bring your luggage with you on the plane. For security check-point purposes, carry a jacket and wear slip-on shoes. Even more useful is packing your things in the plane right above your head and under the seat in front of you. Picking a seat closest to the aisle to make it a bit easier to get in and out without a problem.

Use a backpack instead of luggage on wheels! Backpacks pass the size test and are easier to maneuver on and off of the airplane. Use plastic bags for liquids, and only take what you need. Minimizers are efficient in airports because they save energy and carry less stress with light packs. Put the heaviest items on the bottom and pack up from the heaviest item to the lightest item by weight. Your backpack will then fit comfortably on your back, and won’t be cumbersome or clumsy when traveling on foot.

Give Yourself a Speedy Start


Book your trip ahead of time. Once you’ve booked it, check in the day before on the status of your flight, and check in online. Use the self-help kiosks to print tickets for the gate. You are not only getting the seat that you want, but you are ready for security. Download and use applications to track the statuses of your flights. These apps are not only free, but notify you of updates and discounts for future travel plans.

Set an Alarm

It’s easy to get distracted when you wake up; you’re bustling around your apartment to make sure you packed everything, and to make sure your place is clean and tidy, and coffee is ready in your to-go mug for the ride to the airport. Set an alarm to remind yourself of the time you should leave to get to the airport. The alarm should pull all stress and distractions out of your mind and bring your focus back to getting to the airport on time.

Set an alarm for check-in at the gate. What is the to-the-wire time frame you need to be at the gate to make your flight? Set the alarm 10 minutes before that to be as efficient as possible. You won’t waste time waiting at the gate in line to make your boarding time.

Breeze Through the Screening Area


Have your license/id and boarding pass ready at security. When you make it through id check, don’t pick the shortest line. Pick the line that appears to be moving people through screening the fastest. Pick 3 bins up and drop your shoes and top layers in one along with your phone and other carry-on electronics. In the second bin, drop your smaller carry-on bag, and in the third bin, place the other larger carry-on bag (if you’ve stuck to traditional 3 bag packing techniques) . Put your boarding pass and license in your pocket when you pass through screening, but don’t leave your luggage until all of your bins full of stuff are rolling along the gurney.

When you get to the body screening part, be cooperative and follow all directions. Put your ego aside and be friendly! The people working the screening arena are there all day in assembly-line fashion. It can be such a relief to have easy travelers, and honestly makes things quicker and easier for you if you’re cooperative and approachable.

Grab your stuff and- boom. You’re done with screening! Nail this process with routine, and know where the essentials are at all times: your license/id, bags, and boarding pass.

Order Food Ahead of Time

If you’re in a rush and forgot to eat before heading to the airport, download a food order app like AirGrub and pick it up upon your arrival at the airport. You can enter your airline number or flight information and see what eateries in the airport you can snag a  meal from on-the-go. The app is available at JFK, Logan, and a few other major US city airports.

Pack Essentials in a Ready-to-Go Bag


If anything were to happen, like you’re luggage not making it to your destination or you forget a bag at the gate, prepare and pack an essentials bag to accommodate for lost time and items! Grab travel size deodorant, toothpaste, a toothbrush, chapstick, etc. Collate the items into a light hand sack that can be brought on board with your carry-on bag. I usually peruse the sample area at my favorite stores and grab a few of my priority items to have a comfortable and enjoyable stay, even if I don’t have everything I intended to have with me in the destination city.

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