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Wild Wood Rotary Design – Retro Landline Phone for Home

Before mobile phones, the internet, Facebook and all other social media platforms that dominate our lives today, most homes and offices relied on landline phones.

The older generation and even some millennials can remember a time before the cellphones where the entire household would use a single landline for communication with other people.

It was kind of nice back then. In fact, the familiar piercing ring from a home phone commanded respect, and anyone around would hop to it to answer the call.

That’s how most of us were raised until the landlines became a distant memory. But not anymore! Here is a chance to relive the past through this retro landline phone by Wild Wood.

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Detailed information about Wild Wood Rotary Design – Retro Landline Phone for Home

If the recipient happens to have a traditional theme for their home, then we can't think of any better housewarming gift than this classic British telephone with a retro rotary design.

It has been updated to adapt to modern technology; thus the telephone can work well on any standard home telephone line.

And even though it has a rotary design, this vintage phone is fitted with push buttons which makes it easier and faster to dial.

Even better, this iconic 746 telephone has a redial function for the last number dialed which is a handy feature to have in a phone.


A traditional home telephone that works well with the home telephone line

It has a vintage retro style

Available in different colors

Plugs into standard phone sockets

Fitted with push and redial buttons