Wine Lovers Basket Box

Who doesn’t love wine? You may ask, but we all know that one person whose passion for wine is way on another level. If you have a friend, a co-worker or a family member whose love for fine wine is well known, this gift basket filled with all things wine will be an excellent gift to give. This wine lover’s basket gift is not just limited to wine lovers. It’s a perfect little gift ideal for any occasion, and you can give it to your boss, your child’s teacher, or as a housewarming gift.

But why is this particular wine gift basket a perfect gift pick? It’s beautifully packed with an assortment of all things wine inside which actually makes it a fun and versatile gift. Everything inside this gift basket is handpicked just for the receiver. A closer look at this gorgeous gift basket will reveal amazing stuff that will fill the receiver with joy and appreciation.


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Detailed information about Wine Lovers Basket Box

What will impress you first with this gift is the box basket itself. The box is not only beautiful, but it's also sturdy and re-usable. It is cheerfully printed with a lovely message on the top which reads ‘Uncork and Unwind.' The message is so lovely and will make the receiver eager to see what's inside the beautiful, inviting box.

Inside the box, the receiver will pleasantly be surprised to find a hilarious but a luxurious pair of socks that has fun prints that read ‘If you can read this, bring me a glass of wine.' This pair of socks will definitely make them laugh. But that's not all of the goodies. The box comes with a lavender scented candle-3oz from Oh La La meant to make their wine taking moment intimate and special.


The gift box comes packed with an assortment of wine goodies and treats

The box is beautifully decorated, and it's reusable