Willow Tree Close to Me

Willow Tree is an absolutely lovely line of delicately designed sculptures. All of them are cast from Susan Lordi’s original hand-carved sculptures.

She is an amazing artist located in Kansas City, MO. Her stunning sculptures are wonderfully done with fantastic detail and she has an art-style that really speaks to you. Her sculptures bring subtle comfort, healing, protection, and inspiration to those that receive them.

Susan Lordi started working with DEMDACO nearly 20 years ago in 1999. Together, they were able to produce her amazing work, market it, and sell it. It has now become very popular and highly sought after. Her beautiful pieces are very well-loved by nearly everyone.



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Detailed information about Willow Tree Close to Me

This particular piece is an 8-inch sculpture of a woman and a girl. They are locked in a loving embrace that suggests a strong relationship such as that often shared by a mother and daughter.

Many of the Willow Tree Collection pieces feature multiple characters together and hint towards a specific type of relationship, but one of the best parts about these sculptures is that they can mean whatever you want them to mean.

At first glance, this sculpture hints at a mother and daughter type relationship with a full-grown woman and an older girl-perhaps a teenager.

However, it can fit great for a wide variety of different situations and relationships. This could be an aunt and niece, it could be an older sister and younger sister, a grandmother, and granddaughter, or many other relationships.