What We See in the Stars: An Illustrated Tour of the Night Sky

Sometimes, it is good to have a sneak peek of what nature holds. When gifting someone, one of the questions you should ask is whether that gift will be helpful or at least add some knowledge. While this is mostly attributed to books, the selection will depend entirely on the person’s interests.

One good example of books that will redefine the knowledge on nature is this ‘What We See in the Stars.’ It is a book with various illustrations of nature as far as the sky is concerned. This book can be a thoughtful gift for kids as well as adults interested in learning about the space beyond the earth.

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Detailed information about What We See in the Stars: An Illustrated Tour of the Night Sky

So, what exactly does the book talk about? The book combines pieces of art, mythology, and science in the illustrations of what lies beyond the sky. In essence, it gives the reader a tour of what the night sky looks like with more than 100 pictures of the same. Also, the book utilizes text in each section explaining the different pieces of art and scientific facts that have been in existence.

The book shows illustrations of the beautiful sky features such as the moon, visible planets, stars and constellations. Also, it shows hardly known phenomena like the deep space, nebulae and the outer planets. It is indeed a representation of the skies at night with the explanation of each feature. This book will undoubtedly impress a nature lover that loves to explore and learn by reading.