Primitives by Kathy: Cotton Kitchen Towel

Know someone with a great sense of humor? This is the perfect gift! This isn’t just your ordinary kitchen towel, this is one that is sure to cause plenty of laughter and smiles for anyone who sees it. Illustrated on the towel is a fork dressed in a tie and holding a briefcase asking simply, “what the fork is for dinner?”

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Detailed information about Primitives by Kathy: Cotton Kitchen Towel

What is great about this towel is that it can make a perfect gift for just about anyone. Know someone who really loves to cook? They will love this towel! Know someone who only goes in the kitchen to heat up whatever leftovers they can find? They will equally love this towel (and maybe laugh at it and appreciate it for a different reason!) Either way, it is a great humorous gift to give to anyone with a great sense of humor. Maybe not the best idea for your conservative grandparents, but great for just about everyone else!