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Wagan 24 Liter Electric Car Cooler and Warmer

Getting dishes to a potluck dinner with everything at the right temperature is always a challenge. So is traveling and trying to keep it healthy with food from home rather than stopping for greasy takeout food meal after meal.

This combination electric car cooler and warmer by Wagan is the perfect way to make taking food on the go as easy as pie.

Everyone has had the unfortunate experience of packing a few goodies to take on a long road trip and reaching into the ice chest only to find a soggy mess of a sandwich instead of that highly anticipated snack.

With this electric portable cooler and warmer, that problem is a thing of the past.

This item would make an amazing gift for campers!

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Detailed information about Wagan 24 Liter Electric Car Cooler and Warmer

This handy food chest runs on 12 volt DC current and plugs right into the car cigarette lighter.

Not only does this unit cool to a chilly 36 degrees, but it can also be used to keep food warm up to 140 degrees; a useful feature when transporting hot food for a potluck or dinner party.

The cooler also features a sturdy handle for secure transfers, a tightly fitting lid to keep the heat or cold inside where it belongs, and a power switch in the back for toggling between cold, off and hot settings.


24 liter capacity for keeping a lot of food cold or warm

Utilizes 12 volt DC current and plugs into any car cigarette lighter

No more melted ice mess leaking everywhere

Optional adapter for AC power use available