Handcrafted Wooden Beer Carrier / Holder / Tote. Wood Six Pack

Now anyone can display their beers in a manner that no one else would have expected. This rack can be placed to sit on the table or on the porch. It would impress any visitor who steps their foot into the house. It is one way to take out an ice-cold beer for the guests. This sturdy tote for beer bottles is definitely one of a kind gift. It is handcrafted to carry the beer in a more unique way. This makes drinking even more fun because now the owner has a remarkable way of making the bottles more portable. Its durable finish makes it perfect to support few beer bottles without a single worry for the carrier.

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Detailed information about Handcrafted Wooden Beer Carrier / Holder / Tote. Wood Six Pack

The antique design of this product creates an impression that the holder has been around for ages. Any beer lover will appreciate a sturdy and long-lasting construction for their beer. It can hold up to 6 12-oz bottles! Now everyone can get rid of those cartons and switch to something more functional. This wooden handcrafted beer holder is a great practical gift that is hard to replace. It would also make a great retirement gift!