VOLADOR 40-inch Maple Longboard Fully Reviewed

The skateboard is no longer restricted to youngsters doing tricks on street corners, many older riders use them for commuting to work or moving around campus when at college. The reason why many people choose a longboard skateboard over a bike is that it is more portable (it will fit inside a car) and is easily carried indoors at home, college or place of work. This reduces the prospect of the mode of transport being stolen.

The “40 inch Maple Longboard” from Volador is an ideal choice for a beginner of any age!

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Detailed information about VOLADOR 40-inch Maple Longboard Fully Reviewed

The board deck itself is made from cold-pressed 8 ply maple plywood which is flexible yet strong enough to handle the weight of almost all riders. The trucks are made from genuine aluminum alloy, carbon steel bolts, PU wheels, and chrome steel bearings.

Customer reviews state that the board is great as a beginners’ board but the bearings could be easily changed to give a better and more comfortable ride. This longboard will perform just as well around the city as it would riding on beaten earth paths down a mountain.

The longboard is decorated with simple geometrical patterns to allow the board to stand out from the crown and also to leave enough free space to allow the user to customize the decoration to suit their own tastes. The board itself is 40” long while it has a 32” wheelbase and 45-degree trucks. To assist in making the longboard as comfortable as possible the deck is a spacious 9” wide.


The Volador Longboard is made from strong and springy maple plywood

It has a good long wheelbase (32”), while the deck is 40” long and 9” wide to provide a really spacious ride

The manufacturer uses sustainable woods and manufacturing processes wherever possible


Customer reviews seem to suggest that the bearings are cheap and for a much better ride need replacing with more expensive ones