WOTOW Multi-Function Bike Tool Kit

There are times that the bike will need a little servicing here and there. Not because it is faulty but might need a bit of tightening and screws from time to time. Like other motors, bikes need the attention to maintain them in the right form.

But, there is the need for useful tools to make it easy to do minor repairs without having to consult a mechanic. Some of these tools have multiple functions which make repairs even better. This kit from Wotow would be a suitable gift for your cycling friend.

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Detailed information about WOTOW Multi-Function Bike Tool Kit

So what comes in the kit? There is a 16 in 1 repair toolkit, three tire pry bars and one extra wrench for tightening or loosening the hinges of the tool. The toolkit has an Allen wrench and a socket wrench in various measurements.

Additionally, there is a slot type screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver to fix in nuts and small bolts. The hexagon spanners which are in different measurements come in handy when screwing different sizes of nuts.

One of the primary tools, the tire pry bar, is designed to last long while functioning at best. The material is rigid, inflexible and the non-slip pattern helps to work better. All these tools will save cyclists lots of time and repair costs. They are designed to perform smoothly and efficiently.