Vans Unisex Classic (Checkerboard) Slip-On Skate Shoe

We can’t authoritatively say that women generally judge a man by his shoes, but its unspoken truth that a man’s shoe speaks volume about him. Nevertheless, the kind of shoe a man chooses to wear will reflect on his personality, style, and character. That said, men obviously know that it pays to get the right shoe and that’s why they always step up to up their shoe game.

If your gift plan was to surprise him with a shoe on his birthday, or Christmas, you are now aware that the pair you get has to make the right impression.

And since you are already here, no worries for you. We have selected the perfect pair of shoes that we are confidently sure will be a win and an instant hit for your man.

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Detailed information about Vans Unisex Classic (Checkerboard) Slip-On Skate Shoe

This classic slip-on from Vans is the true definition of style and class. The easy-going style never goes out fashion. But the level of comfort you will find in these shoes it's totally unbeaten.

These are not just for the easy-going people; they are also for the wild, the laid back; a whole package kind-of shoe.

These will suit just about anyone, and they will send the right message and make perfect impressions.

The Vans classic slip-on skate shoes are made of 100% canvas. They are super comfortable and look absolutely stunning.

The lucky person who receives these shoes will boast of happy feet from the very first day they wear this pair.


Comfortable and stylish shoes made from 100% canvas

Designed with waffle outsole, padded collar, and footbed for extra comfort

Available in all sizes

Available in 62 different color styles