Umbra Ribbon Modern Wall Clock

We all know the saying, “Time is gold”, and with that said, we think this Modern Umbra Ribbon Wall Clock took that quote quite seriously – although, to be fair, it is not gold but copper, you get where we are getting at. The perfect staple piece to any home or office, this 12-inch wall clock is a far cry from the usual, boring wall clocks that simply tells the time and nothing more.

This does what a clock is supposed to do, but the unique multi-ribbon design really sets it apart and makes us excited to look at the time.

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Detailed information about Umbra Ribbon Modern Wall Clock

Now let’s talk more about this artsy clock. As we have mentioned, the design of this clock can be likened to that of a ribbon typically seen on top of gifts and has no numbers. But even if there are no numbers conventionally and conveniently printed on it, the rays from the ribbon design represent each number!


Super unique designer clock that will give an edge to an otherwise simple home

Pretty affordable for what it is

Modern, sleek yet still has a classic feel to it