Tuxedo Boxer Shorts

These fun tuxedo boxer shorts are a great gift for your partner! These boxer shorts can be used as either a sexy gift or a funny gift depending on the person you give them to as well as the context. For example, you could give them to your man on Valentine’s Day to encourage some special sexy time together, or you could give them to grandpa on his birthday for a great laugh for the whole family! However you decide to gift these boxers, they are sure to be a hit.


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Detailed information about Tuxedo Boxer Shorts

The sides of the legs of the boxer shorts have a somewhat transparent appearance to them for added sexiness and good breathability for maximum comfort. At the center front of the boxer shorts, a small white area extends down the from the white waistband of the boxers. This is what really gives these great boxers their tuxedo appearance as this white section takes on the appearance of a button-up shirt poking out from a sleek black jacket.