New Fashion Men Rhinestone Bow Tie

A little detail and a dull outfit can make all the difference. Whether it’s a formal suit or an evening outfit, neckties and bow ties complete the look.

In most cases, men go for plain or minimalistic pieces to tone down and compose the look. But once in a while, a little glitter is necessary.

There are moments you need to make a statement just by how you dress up for the show. For this reason, choosing this statement bowtie from Habibee would spice things up a little bit.

If you are searching for a classy gift for a groomsman or husband, then this bowtie should be a top consideration. It is made of PU leather and finished with rhinestones for that shiny effect.

It is pre-tied and has an adjustable strap for the right fit. It is of medium size, not too small to hide under the collars and not too large to exaggerate the look.

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Detailed information about New Fashion Men Rhinestone Bow Tie

Think of this bowtie as a piece together with an evening suit. It sparkles under the light, and you cannot go unnoticed with this one.

One ideal feature is that it is black and would match with any color of shirt for a complete look.

It suits occasions such as weddings, evening parties, birthdays or Easter. It is designed for the modern man that would like to tell their personality using a statement piece.


Simple yet elegant

Durable and practical