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SwitchMe Retro Quartz Pocket Watch

Looking for the perfect gift to show your grandfather how much you care about him? This beautiful retro pocket watch is a perfect idea! Perfectly functional, and also perfectly retro, this will remind your grandfather of his past in the best possible way.

Did your grandfather use to have a pocket watch? Everyone did. While certain modern conveniences are nice, it is also nice to appreciate the past (or if you don’t feel this way – your grandfather is sure to agree!) Best of all, this isn’t just a retro looking watch, it is a functional quartz movement watch.

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To make this watch even more special the front cover of the watch has engraved the phrase ‘The Greatest Grandpa.’ What could be sweeter than that? Any grandfather would love receiving this gift and will love even more to show it off to all his friends. Any chance he gets to talk about his grandchildren, he’ll take it! This gives him the perfect opportunity.