Tough Cookie’s Women’s Starbucks Tank Top

This tank top bearing a Starbucks logo at the chest area by Tough Cookie is a perfect gift idea for the lovely women in your life who cannot go a day without having a daily dose of caffeine at their favorite Starbucks coffee place.

It will make an excellent Starbucks coffee lover gift for your daughter, mom, sister, wife, girlfriend, best friend, and even coworkers as long they love their cup of coffee and live on caffeine!

Starbucks themed gifts and merchandise are usually some of the cutest stuff, and this tank top is not an exception.

It screams, “I love Starbucks,” even without bearing the words. It will complement their lifestyle, and even the coffee dates the two of you will have together.

This will be a coffee-themed gift that shows that you support their passion, even if it makes them worship espresso, green siren, and caramel drizzle.

Whether she likes Frappuccinos or Macchiatos, she will certainly love this tank top, and it will be like the cherry on top of the whipped cream that they live for.

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Detailed information about Tough Cookie’s Women’s Starbucks Tank Top

This is a stylish contemporary tank top. It is trendy and sporty. It's lovely casual wear perfect for coffee dates, or a trip to the shopping mall or something to wear when running errands.

And since it's sporty, it will make an excellent gym or yoga apparel when paired with leggings.

It is a versatile piece of clothing. It can be paired with casual bottoms like a pair of jeans, some nice leggings and casual skirts to get a boho-chic look.

It can be layered by adding a chambray shirt or flannel to give the wearer a casual street – look.


Printed with the Starbucks logo

Available in different colors and sizes

Made from a blend of quality fabrics

It's versatile, trendy and sporty